Our Test, Control and Monitoring Means

Engine products test bench

Endurance validation of rollers and belts

Bench for characterization of engine kinematics in timing and accessories circuits

Characterization of automatic rollers

Clutch, mechanical and hydraulic bearing test bench

Essais d’endurance représentative de la durée de vie, pour tester les embrayages, les butées mécaniques et hydrauliques

Clutch endurance and hydraulic bearing test bench with load cycles

Clutch load characterization bench

Air pressure test bench for Hydraulic clutch circuits

Noise testing bench for bearings, measuring dBA inside a low noise room

Bearing vibration measurement bench

Test benches Wheel bearings

Bearing endurance with load cycling and speed

Endurance of hub and flange with acceleration up to 1.2g

Noise and vibration measurement

Characterization of the ABS signal

Other equipments

Dimensional measurement, profile projector. Oligocyclic traction and fatigue machine. Salt spray test. Means of technical expertise with feedback and reproduction of faults.